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Vacuum bags

When selection of the package, one of the most important questions manufacturers of food stuff are facing with is the question of their storage time periods. For the better safety of products polymeric materials are used usually that have the highest barrier properties; this means they are able to prevent the ingress of gases (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide), water steam and foreign smells. The stable atmosphere inside of the package is able to prevent the development of harmful microorganisms and to preserve the product for further safe consumption.


The highest preservation of packaged product is ensured by bags manufactured of multi-layer barrier films hermetically sealed off under suction. In this case the most of bacteria and microorganisms will be removed out of the package. It will be impossible for them, to multiply and to develop, especially in the case of pasteurizing or sterilization..


 In such a way, the permeability of polymeric materials (raw materials for vacuum bags) against gases, primarily against oxygen and water steam, are the main factors that have influence on storage time periods and correspondingly on the quality of the goods inside of the vacuum bags.


Recently more and more food stuff manufacturers are redeveloping and implementing the use of vacuum bags as a package of their goods. This happens due to variety of reasons:


- the vacuum bag fabricated of the barrier film insulates the product from the atmospheric oxygen that oxidizes the food under normal conditions; in its turn, this leads to the loss of its nutritive properties and taste (in particular: vitamin С oxidates and loses its nutritive properties in the presence of oxygen; oxidized vegetable and animal oils have the rancid taste etc.);


- aside from that, the absence of oxygen in the vacuum bag stops the development of dangerous bacteria that could be present in moderate amounts in food stuff;


the use of vacuum bags makes it possible to exclude the process of evaporation of composite volatile compounds from the surface of the product that define the odor or fragrance of food;


- in case of transportation and storage of food bad smells of the environment can be adsorbed on its surface and cause  the formation of bad taste or odor; due to the use of high-quality vacuum package this becomes impossible;



the vacuum bag made of the corresponding multi-layer film ensures the water balance in the food stuff which is packaged into it; this means, within the entire period of food storage the initial amount of moisture remains in it; this is a necessary condition in many cases;


the vacuum bag ensures reliable protection against ingress of all sorts of bacteria, microorganisms, mold, yeast and fungi from outside into the food stuff;


vacuum bag walls with good moisture barrier that are adherent to the food stuff make it possible to avoid water removal from the foodstuff and sublimation of ice (so-called "cooling" burn of food stuff) in case of storage in cooling devices; especially actual this is for fishery products;


one of defining advantages of vacuum bags is their lower self-cost in comparison with traditional types of package: the result is  economy of costs for packaging the food stuff due to switching to the use of vacuum bags instead of glass cans reaches ~60%, instead of traditional preserve cans ~50%;


when transportation and storage of vacuum cans much less place is needed than for glass, plastic or preserve cans; this is a result of lower weight or volume taken by vacuum bags (the costs for transportation and warehousing are reduced  on average by 70% due to switching to the use of vacuum package);


on the surface of polymeric multi-layer films which the vacuum bag is usually fabricated of, the flexographic printing or deep printing can be made. This printing has higher quality and is more colorful than printing on the surface of the paper label of glass or preserve can. 


Individual approach, high quality, acceptable price, and integrated solution of tasks make it possible to satisfy the wish of any customer.


We offer the wide range of PET/PE bags (lavsan), shrink films, bags in modified gas environment and polyamide resin bags for packaging fishery, meat and other kinds of products.

Wide choice of dimensions 

- width from 80 to 700 mm and length from 150 to 800 mm,

- transparent, metallized, with print in full color,

- through cut for easy opening, European-standard slot,


- thickness values  from 45 μM to 120 μM.


The price for the vacuum PET/PE bag depends on dimensions and thickness of these bags.


The vacuum bag makes it possible to pack your goods easily and in a quality manner in your corporate style and to make a name of yourself.




Package is the main thing!

the use of vacuum bags makes it possible to exclude the process of evaporation of composite volatile compounds from the surface of the product that define the odor or fragrance of food;

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