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Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene bags are easy-to-use and cheap. The area of their application is huge. Their economic efficiency and practicability make it possible to use bags both in the household and in every branch of industry. Due to high durability, large capacity, bearing capacity and low cost polyethylene bags are all-purpose products!

Polyethylene bag is only one advertising media that combines several functions simultaneously:

  • It can be a present or souvenir.
  • It is a movable outdoor advertising.
  • It is a direct package for fabricated products.

The bag will stay in hands of your customers for a long time and will serve as a reminder of visit of your company.

"Shirt" – type polyethylene bags





This is the most affordably priced variant among carrier bags. The color of the foil is selected at will of the customer. They are fabricated only of low-pressure polyethylene ("susurrous polyethlene") with the thickness from 11 to 30 μM. The bearing capacity is from 2 to 25 kg (it is calculated using „bulky goods“). The dimensions (without regard to pleats) are from 24*40 cm to 45*75 cm. The presence of side pleats from 10 to 24 cm in the spread provides large storage capacity of the bag. Any kind of printing is possible. Full-color printing has certain restrictions in connection with small thickness of the bag.



Bags of this type are mostly used by trade and trade and business companies if the need for bags is large and constant.

Polyethylene bagswith die cut (reinforced or not reinforced) handles

 Not reinforced handle


Reinforced handle


This trading position is divided into 3 kinds in dependence on the Polyethylene type. The film color is selected at will of the customer.

1. Low-pressure Polyethylene bags (susurrous)


This is the cheapest option. Thickness: from 20 to 60 μM. The bearing capacity is from 2 to 7 kg (it is defined using “bulky goods“). Dimensions vary from 25*30 cm to 75*65 cm. The technology allows reinforcing of the handle and providing the bottom pleat. Any kind of printing is possible except of full-color print for bags with the thickness of less than 30 μM. The bag looks quite presentable but less beautiful than two options described below.


These bags are used not only by trade and trade and industrial companies as advertising package but also by industrial workers for filling their own products. This option is mostly acceptable if large bearing capacity and simplicity of printing are not needed.

2. Middle-pressure polyethylene bag (dense with gentle "rustle")


Top seller! The composition of raw materials ensures density and presentability of the previous option, and appearance of the gentle "rustle" of the material makes your bag original; besides, it increases the bearing capacity significantly, up to 20 kg due to the “bottom layer” ("rider"). Thickness: from 40 to 75 μM; at will of the customer the bags can be fabricated without bottom pleat and reinforcing of the handle. All other parameters correspond with high-pressure polyethylene bags.


Aside from all advantages specified in description of the previous kind of products this kind of bag pretends to be original although tastes differ, as we know

High-pressure polyethylene bag (smooth and dense)


By spending reasonable amount you get the most beautiful and presentable type of bags. Smooth and dense polyethylene provides the perfect appearance. The presence of the bottom pleat increases the volume of the bag essentially. The reinforcement of the handle with the special bottom layer ("rider") makes it possible to lift up the weight from 7 to 12 kg. Thickness: from 45 to 90 μM; at will of the customer the bags can be fabricated without bottom pleat and reinforcing of the handle. Dimensions (without regard to the bottom layer) vary from 20*25 cm to 75*65 cm. Any kind of printing is possible without restrictions.


This bag will be a perfect help at the exhibition or presentation at any level. It is also used by trade companies in advertising purposes at comparatively low constant need.

Filling polyethylene bags



Filling bags are bags without handles. The film color can be selected at will of the customer. Fabrication from high-pressure and low-pressure polyethylene is possible. The bottom pleat with rounded corners for chicken can be provided, also punching holes for air access and valve positioning (the bag can be closed at the top as an envelope). Dimensions vary from 12*12 cm to 60*70cm.


Bags of this type are used by manufacturing companies for filling their own products.

"Shirt" – type polyethylene bags


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