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Film materials

1. Polyethylene film

Shrink polyethylene film


As shrink films uniaxial and biaxial films are used that are able to shrink when healed; at that they can be fit closely products packaged in them. In engineering practice it is common to reckon kinds of films in shrink films that are able to achieve over-shrinking (up to 50% and more) and used for package of different products.

Advantages of packaging in shrink films in comparison with traditional film packages are reducing of the volume of package due to close fitting of the goods and relatively lower weight of the films. Packaging into the shrinking film is often cheaper and more attractive in appearance than a common cardboard box. This kind of package provides certain advantages for the retail: decrease of the quantity of packaging material and the area in salesroom taken with goods in the course of sale. Packaging into shrink film protects the goods against the effect of ambient environment.

Shrink films are used for packaging of different foodstuff, cans, bottles, notions and appliance products, newspapers, magazines, office supplies etc.

Possible options of packaging into shrink films can be conventionally divided into three main groups: single-piece, group and staple package.

Single package (it is called single-piece or individual): each one separate product is wrapped with the film that fits the product the product closely after shrinking and repeats its configuration.

Group package: a set of several single-type or different-type products is completed in advance; as well as in case of single-piece package, these products are wrapped with the film. The result after shrinking of this film is a dense bag. Packaging can be carried out only with film or by means of preliminary positioning of products on special bottom layers. This kind of package can be used as transportation packing.

Staple packaging: products (bags, boxes, books, bricks, trays with cans, bottles, etc.) are laid in several rows on the hard pallet; these products are covered at the top with canvas cover made of shrink film and feed into the tunnel oven. After shrinking a compact stable is formed that can be easily moved with lift-and-carry vehicles. The staple package is a modern and prospective kind of transport packaging of the goods..

Greenhouse polyethylene film


  It is manufactured only of first-class high-pressure polyethylene (without adding secondary raw-materials); this makes possible tor the film to remain elastic and firm, and it increases its service life. The film is manufactured with the thickness from 40μM to 200μM. The quality of our greenhouse film meets all the requirements raised for such kind of materials. Federal standard GOST 10354-82.The greenhouse film has the service life of more than 3 years. For prolongation of this time period different admixtures are used. They give an important property - resistance of the film. Our film has high mechanical durability, and namely: rupture and puncture resistance. Besides, the greenhouse film is very elastic and frost-resistant. It is wind-, rain-, and hail-resistant.

Depending on the destiny and initial composition the greenhouse film of different marks are fabricated: СТ – for usage in agriculture as translucent atmospheric covering for cultivating structures (hot-houses, greenhouse etc.) and other purposes; colored and non-colored, stabilized and not stabilized. SIK – for use in agriculture as translucent atmospheric cover for hot-houses and other kinds of cultivating structures which provides the increased greenhouse effect. СК – for use in agriculture when conservation of foodstuff and other destination; colored and not colored; non-stabilized. CM - for use in agriculture as a material for mulching and other purposes; unpainted, stabilized soot. В, V1 – for use in ameliorative and hydroeconomic construction as impervious screen; В - unpainted, stabilized in an integrated manner (among them with soot), high-molecular; В1 - unpainted, stabilized with soot. The maximum width of the greenhouse film sleeve is up to 2 m.   

2. Shrink films multi-purpose polyolefin film of general destination

Polyolefin shrink films are quite new products for Russian market, it is a hi-tech product used in Europe as the main material for food and non-food package. Main peculiarities of polyolefin films that distinct them from traditional polyvinylchloride films consist in their absolute innocence at the contact with food stuff, much higher tensile and puncture strength (this characteristic makes it possible to use thinner films where thicker ones were used earlier), high strength of welding seam, and excellent optical characteristics (brightness, transparence). In the course of packaging no harmful gases are evolved, no carbon subsidence on welding elements and no equipment corrosion happen.

General characteristic:

 Multi-layer (3 layers: polypropylene, polyethylene, polypropylene) two-axial-oriented polyolefin film destined or use at any kind of equipment.

Differential characteristics and advantages:

- excellent optical characteristics: gloss, transparency;

- absence of "various thickness" of the film;

- perfect "memory" (restoration of initial forms);

- retention of high density characteristics at low temperatures;

- bears against to the surface of packaged products;

- high tearing and puncture strength;

- suitable for use at any kinds of machines (manual, semi-automatic, automatic);

- in case of use no emission of hazardous gases takes place, no carbon deposition on welding elements, no corrosion of equipment;


- very reliable welding seam that keeps its durability even at low temperatures. 

Range of use:

Universal film destined for package of items that have different shape; it is, suitable for different kinds of goods, and among them:


- fruits and vegetables,

- semi products,

- meat, fish, poultry and  seafood,


- bakery products and confectionery;

non-food products:

- books, magazines,

- toys,

- machine parts,

- household supplies,


- cardboard package.

Shipping form:

- supplied as belt or center fold  film

- belt width: from 150 mm to 1800 mm, width of center fold  film: from 150 / 300 mm to 900 / 1800 mm (any variants of width in the adduced range are possible)

- length: from 500 m to 3000 m (other variants of length are possible  upon request)


- Thickness: 12 / 15 / 19 / 25 / 30 micron

3. Food film from PVC

General characteristic:

Film based on polyvinylchloride (PVC) destined for manual and automatic packing of food stuff. Two ways of fabrication are distinguished: "blown" which makes it possible to fabricate the thinner film and "poured".

Differential characteristics and advantages:

- high gas- and moisture impermeability; as a result of this products inside of this package keep their initial appearance and taste for a much longer time than in polypropylene or polyethylene; besides, no conditions  for development of bacteria are available

 - excellent optical characteristics: gloss, transparency;

- condensate formation does not happen (possibility of package of hot products);

- resistance of the film against high temperatures makes possible warming of products in microwave ovens, directly in the package;

- increased strength and resistance against tearing and puncture, tolerance of impact;

- good adhesion makes it possible to achieve the airproof packaging of products;

- increased resistance against aggressive environments, among them to lipids;

- excellent "memory" (restoration of initial forms);

- keeping high strength characteristics at low temperatures, temperature and moisture differences.  

Shipping form:

- shipped as a belt;

- width: from 250 mm to 450 mm;

- length: from 1000 m to 2000 m (other variants of length are possible upon request);


- Thickness: from 8 micron.

Storage conditions:

1. To avoid difficulties at uncoiling, it is recommended to store the film at the temperature of not higher than +50 °С.


2. The PVC film must be stored in rooms with good ventilation without being subject to the exposure of water or moisture and direct sun rays.


Range of use:

This film is perfectly suitable for packaging of foodstuff. The use of this film makes it possible to prolong the storage life of food; at that all gustatory and aesthetic qualities are kept.

3 main ranges of use of PVC film exist:

- industrial area (packaging of different goods at high-speed automatic lines);

- trading networks, enterprises of food and services sectors (packaging of products sold in supermarkets as well as used at airlines, in hotels, restaurants etc.);


- household use (packaging of foodstuff in everyday use).  

4. Stretched film


Stretched film is a modern packing material that can stretch (elongation up to 250%) and recover to the initial state. It has increased tearing strength in comparison with usual film materials, high strength against rupture, impact, and pressing through. AVIORA stretched films are fabricated based on 3-layer combination of LLDPE films made of butenoic, hexenoic and octenoic. Adhesion of layers to each other is reached due to preliminary stretching of the film before use (preliminary stretching). Due to its striving to recover to the initial condition the "retention" force appears that ensures sustained binding of film layers between each other. It is used as a transport package; e.g. for fastening finished products on pallets trays by way of rotational wrapping. Depending on its thickness, the film is recommended for use for different purposes:


- Stretched film with the thickness of 15-17 μM is used for fastening conventional goods;

- Stretched film with the thickness of 20 μM is used for fastening large-dimensioned heavy goods and items that have sharp edges;


- Stretched film with the thickness of 23 μM is used for fastening superheavy goods, such as block stones and kerb slab.

Meeting requirements for protection of goods raised for packaging materials the stretched film has several advantages:

- high hoop stress (it makes possible to  fix the goods on the pallet reliably);

- rupture and tearing strength (it protects the goods against damaging, pollution, and plundering);

- this film does not require the use of complex equipment at the package;

- possibility of preliminary stretching (it makes possible to reduce the material consumption);

- wide range of working temperatures , possibility of packaging cooled and frozen food stuff with stretched film.


General characteristic:


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