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Self-adhesive materials gain increasing popularity among consumers year by year. E.g. labels. The label printing speed reaches 15-20 thousand pieces per hour; a that such a high quality and accuracy of gluing can be ensured that cannot be reached when usage ordinary labels.

Self-adhesive labels can be easily brought on any kind of package, and they make it possible to select materials with homogenous composition for labels and packages; this simplifies the disposal process significantly.

„Fabrika upakovki“ Company offers  reeled self-adhesive labels that have full-color printing; they have any kind of configuration and are glued on different materials for food, perfumes and cosmetics, liqueur and spirits, consumer goods, chemical and other areas of industry.

We accompany our customer from the moment of creating the label design to the moment of its implementation into the production.

Experienced specialists of the company give versatile consultations just on site so that fabricated products meet the requirements of the customer in full.

We guarantee to our customers that we fabricate the label within the time period from 5 days to three weeks, depending on the complexity of the label and the total volume of edition.

Our transportation service will perform the prompt delivery, and the reliable package will secure full safety and convenient warehousing of finished products.

 All you need for placing an order at the „Fabrika upakovki“ LLC  (ООО „Fabrika upakovki“) is to define four parameters of the future self-adhesive label:

  • material;
  • number of colors;
  • dimensions of the label;
  • total quantity,

and to call us. Everything else we will do by ourselves!

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