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Paper bags

Branded paper bags tailor-made with your brand design are popular both on European and on Russian package market. These bags are mostly used for packaging presents. After printing lacing holes are cut on the bag and the rope handle is inserted. There are quite many formats of paper bags. A series of standardized formats exists but many printing offices also have their own unique molding tools for cutting paper bags.

If full-color printing is assumed to be made on your bag then bags of this type are printed using the method of offset printing on enameled paper for assembly. Very small bags are manufactured in limited quantity; these bags are positioned on A3+ format together with margin for cutting, and these bags can also be printed by way of digital printing. After that paper bags are compulsorily laminated for hardening. The finished product is a bright colorful bag suitable for packaging presents and souvenirs.

Imitlin bags

Imitlin is kind of specially processed designer paper that has rupture strength and strength against fold numbers. This material is suitable both for offset printing and for screen printing or silk-screen printing. Imitlin is perfectly embossable, among them with foil.

Efalin bags

Efalin has all practicable properties as Imitlin and is even more endurable and wearproof. Efalin is presented in wider color gamma and has more embedding options; that’s why paper bags manufactured of efalin are not only practicable and always beautiful.

Bags made of special white paper  

Bags made of white special paper are distinguished with high durability, humidity resistance, and also relatively low price. This material is perfectly suitable for printing both using silk screen decoration and offset printing.

Full-color bags with lamination

For manufacturing of this kind of bags enameled paper with the density of 200 g/m2 with lamination is used. Offset printing with the possibility of 100% full-color bag coverage is applied. Due to the subsequent lamination fabricated bags are surprisingly durable and bright.



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