"Packaging Factory" produces plastic bags and film.

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Requirements for mockups

General information

We accept mockups (ОМ) in the format of Adobe Illustrator (up to the CS version inclusively), Corel Draw 11 (PC), as well as Adobe Photoshop (up to the CS version inclusively) software. We accept archives *.zip, *.rar (self-extracting archives are not accepted!) Dot-matrix images used in the mockup shall be provided separately in tiff, psd or eps format on a scale of 1:1 in CMYK/grayscale color space with the definition of 300 dpi.

Please specify spot colors pursuant to Pantone catalogue; they shall be solid coated (for crafted products - uncoated). Each mockup shall be completed with the printed file at least in А4 format.

The files can be delivered on the following types of carriers: 

  • Compact Disk;
  • Floppy disk – 1.44 Mb;
  • Via e-mail (to clarify the address please refer to your manager)

The following elements shall not be used in the mockup:

Textures, <meshes> (mesh), falling shadows, <nimbi> (glow), lenses, semitransparent elements created by using makeup software,
text elements not converted to curve outlines with activated option “scale with image” (in *cdr files)



 Flexographic printing on polyethylene bags and film


  • Gradient-full handlings shall start with values of 10% at least.
  • Bright areas of dot-matrix areas shall not contain dots within the range of 1-9%.
  • Images with good sharpness and color parameters shall be preferred. Preferably no graduations in letterpress colors and deep shadows shall be present because it is quite difficult to reproduce them.
  • We kindly ask you not to assemble mockups using Adobe Photoshop; these mockups contain such kind of text elements and logos (especially small-size) that can be presented in vector-based version. We will have to portray them so that we can print the bag in a quality manner.
  • Please do not fill small elements of images (e.g. thin outlines) with colors consisting of 3 or 4 CMYK components.
  • The "before-cutting" (in a manner of speaking) format for polyethylene bags is equal to the bag dimension plus 10 mm (7 mm both at the top and at the bottom) and minus 3 mm (the fields of 1.5 mm at the right and at the left cannot be sealed; they can be painted additionally with only one color). To clarify dimension and position of the handle please refer to your manager. The outline scheme (the grey spot shows sealed areas) is positioned down.
  • If products ordered by you will be printed on transparent of metallized film please specify the white bottom layer compulsorily, even if it is solid. The white bottom layer is also added if any image is printed on the material in contrast color (but not on the dark one), e.g. blue on yellow.
  • Half-tone images CANNOT be printed with while or metalized color in a quality manner.
  • Thought-provoking information: in case of printing in white on dark polyethylene it is impossible to achieve snow-white color as a result, even in case of printing in two passes; in such cases a colored spot is printed on the white polyethylene. For the same reason full-colored images cannot be printed on the colorful polyethylene.

 Paper bags (offset printing)


  • Apart from front side of the bag also the back side, side pleats, bottom and area rolled inward (with the width of 3 - 4 см) shall be shown if any image is present there.
  • Please reserve 5 mm at each side for cutting.
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