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Creating design

First of all, a professionally done mockup (future image on the bag) shall be developed to get a beautiful stylish package. Any kind of printing on polyethylene is different from printing of the same image on paper.

Specialists of design and graphic art departments of our company will create a prototype model of any complexity "from scratch" (they offer you several variants for selection) or modify source data presented by you.

For creating a full-color mockup a slide or a file with computer processing of the slide is necessary. Scanning of finished pictures decreases the quality of printing on polyethylene.

You also can provide a finished mockup created pursuant to the following requirements: 


Requirements for the mockup that contains from 1 to 6 Pantone colors.

To create the high-quality image on the bag vector graphics is needed. Mockup is created in Сorel Draw, Illustrator software.

  1. Fonts are converted to curves.
  2. Minimum thickness of lines is 0.2 mm, in the spot of 0.3 mm.
  3. Gradient-fill handling from 5 to 95%.

Transparency and use of inserted pieces in the formats TIFF, GIF, BMP, PSD etc. are inadmissible.


Requirements for the full-color mockup:

Our company can create mockups with full-color printing. For the mockup an image with the definition of 300 dpi (PSD) shall be provided; all elements of the picture shall be made on separate layers, on the transparent background. The image shall be enlightened by 20-30%; bright places shall be dragged up to 5% of the density.

Final conveying to printing plates with the definition of 72 lpi (72 dots per inch).

This is a large dot visible by eye; in this respect a lot of attention should be paid to the color layout (work with layers). E.g.: magenta color shall be removed from greengrocery; only cyan color shall be saved in the sky etc. Small parts have bad quality in pictures; that’s why the larger the element is the better the result is. Due to color divergence (1 mm) fonts shall be printed with 1 color only. Large (bold) fonts are an exception of this.

All the text and logos should be presented in vector graphics.


Final assembly is carried out in software Corel Draw, Illustrator.

Since the mockups (full-color version) have very large volume we kindly ask you to send us your *.jpg Image to our E-Mail to clarify if it is possible to print it on the bag. 

Requirements for the mockup with the 1-color image:

For the mockup a black and white image with the definition of 300 dpi (TIFF, PSD) shall be provided. The image shall be enlightened by 20-30%; bright places shall be dragged up to 5% of the density. Final conveying to printing plates is made with the definition of 40 lpi (40 dots per inch).

Final conveying to printing plates shall be carried out by taking into account the decomposition of colors.

Crosses for registering shall be drawn in the range of active printing field (at corners). Mark length is 5 mm, thickness is 0.2 mm. The distance from cross edge to the image shall be at least 5 mm.

Colors shall be selected pursuant to Pantone catalogue; the color on the screen does not show the real color.

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