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Deferment of payment



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Like every business we are constantly thinking of growth and development. This makes necessary for us to pay special attention to potential threats and to look for solutions constantly that will increase the efficiency of our company. One of these solutions is factoring; on the one hand, it makes us possible to solve tasks we are facing with, on the other side we can offer more comfortable conditions to our customers.

 What is factoring and what is it needed for:

For granting credits to customers significant volumes of current assets are needed. Factoring is a very convenient tool that makes possible to receive funds for the goods upon shipping of goods. Due to collaboration with the factoring company we obtain the possibility to grant a payment delay; in such a way we invest funds in the development of the client base. In its turn, for our customers factoring means comfortable terms of payment for supplies, possibility to purchase goods in necessary volume, and minimizing costs for attraction credit funds for purchases.

 To begin the work using the factoring mechanism you need to do as follows:

To begin the work using the factoring mechanism you need to do as follows:

• to sign an ordinary shipping agreement (for new customers);

• to fill in the standardized informational questionary;

• to sign a notification that your indebtedness in regard to the supply agreement will be conceded to the factoring company (in case of supply)

In more detail you can inquire about the factoring by the phone: +7 (8422) 67-72-99 Dmitry, Viktor or by E-Mail: simpack@rambler.ru

 We kindly ask you to pay attention to our offer to make use of new option of collaboration!


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Deferment of payment

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