"Packaging Factory" produces plastic bags and film.

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„Packing factory“ is a successfully developing manufacturing company with ten-years long experience of the work on the Russian package market. The area of company’s expertise is manufacturing and selling flexible packaging products and providing ready and effective solutions in packaging. The team of the holding consists of craft professionals who apply creative and flexible approach to any matters. Highly qualified employees of „Fabrika upakovki“ company answer to any of your questions operatively and precisely and are able to ensure reliable and mutually profitable cooperation between our companies. Our packaging production is characterized with optimal price and quality relationship completed with operative time of manufacture. The entire cycle of execution of orders is based on modern technologies.





„Packing factory“ company produces polyethylene foil and bags, offers flexible industrial package, and labels with Customer’s logo for your benefit. We are ready to offer the entire spectrum of services, ranging from design development to the door-to-door supply of the products to all regions of Russia.

We always have at our warehouse consumable materials used almost in any kind of business: stretched foil, scotch tape, strapping tape, clamps, zipping lock bags, and vacuum bags.

The company also provides complex solution to cover needs of organizations for package, depending on the strategy on the market and the lifetime cycle of Customers production. And namely:

• Market research concerning products of the Customer;

• Preparing solutions for material and packaging equipment based on the research;

• Elaboration of development variants (attractiveness of Goods, improvement of consumer properties) for the package of Customers at different stages if its lifetime cycle.

 We would like to point out that actually the package is not only wrapping of the goods but also a way of effective dialog with potential consumer; it means this is also the drive of trade.


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